Kevin P. Murray, President of Tasteful Events

Hello! I thought I would start by giving you a brief glimpse into my background and career path. After receiving my degree in Hotel and Restaurant management from SUNY Delhi in 1978, I started in the hotel industry working in food and beverage. My travels took me from NYC, DC, Chicago and San Fran. Eventually, this experience lead me back to Rochester. My Hometown! I was beyond fortunate to be hired as General Manager at the famed Mapledale Party house in 1980. Catering crazy for 3 years of my life. It would not be uncommon for us to serve well over 1,600 guests in one day. It also piqued my catering interest!!

I decided in 1981 to start my own catering service with pretty much a “dollar and a dream.” Well, thirty plus years later my vision has remained constant. Serve the highest quality of fresh foods and services available to our clients. Commitment to excellence was, is and will always continue to be my direction.

Tasteful Events has been proudly catering the Rochester, New York area as well as our surrounding counties for over 30 years. We specialize in all aspects of catering, from our simple drop offs to our more sophisticated upgraded trends. We’ve also happily added to our catering family. Outlaw BBQue and Budget Buffets are two exciting styles that offer a deliciously different approach to our catering. We strive to build upon the great reputation that Tasteful Events has established since 1982!


Joshua Maier, Executive ChefJoshua Maier, Executive Chef

Josh has a passion for food that goes back to his mothers cooking. After high school he convinced his parents to give him their blessing to attend Pennsylvania Institute of Culinary Arts Le Cordon Bleu. His love for food was fed by the knowledge he was gaining from properly trained chefs in all types of cuisine with an emphasis in French cooking. The program was an intense two year program with free time spent working in a country club outside of Pittsburgh. He proudly earned his degree in 2003.
He returned back home to Rochester where Josh honed his skills in many of the area’s finest restaurants…He was executive chef at a young 23 years old at the Merchant Street Smoke House in Brockport. Until a few years ago, he was head chef / menu & kitchen designer at the historic firehouse, Hose 22 in Rochester.

Josh was ready for his next adventure. So he switched gears that lead to the start of his catering career and more importantly, Tasteful Events Catering. Here he melds ALL of his experience and knowhow cohesively. “He continues to offer so many great food combinations and flavors that have consistently taken our catering to the next level, says Kevin”.. Josh adds, “I look forward to meeting and serving you some of our wonderful creations in the future”. It would be my pleasure”!