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Welcome to Tasteful Events catering calculators…These are all about simplicity in menu design. Navigate through an abundance of our great foods from our breakfasts, to lunches, dinners, barbecues, and hors d’oeuvres. Please take note: These calculators are best utilized as a construct for a “complete” menu configuration. Individual, few or limited choices will not indicate an accurate “estimate” for catering!

To Proceed:

Have a creative menu in mind!! Then go ahead and check the food selection box next to your choices …This is the only step needed in designing your “personalized” fare…When finished with your selections, review your “estimated” total at the bottom… Want to start again? Reset Form…Good? Then click Submit This Estimate…Price concerns? Then click Submit an Ideal Estimate, (this choice allows you on the following page to insert your budget requests)…When your information page loads in, please fill in the required fields…Be sure to recap, add any personal comments and then hit Submit Form when ready.

It’s that easy! Your online estimate is sent directly to us for immediate attention. As always, we strive for “same day” response!!

Minimum 20 people weekdays and 35 people weekends (excludes holidays)

Service charges and taxes will apply.

Thank You!


Breakfast & Brunch
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Hot & Cold Foods
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Hors D’Oeuvres
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