Fantastic Feedback…


Thank you so much!

We ended up running out of all….A first, but obviously we served about 25 people over count… I had 95 bottles of water that went so I figured way more showed up than responded.

With vacations and folks working in our TX office, I pretty much went by the count I got in RSVP’s and upped it by 20.  So I guess next time I will give you a much higher count.

Everyone loved it, I heard all fantastic feedback.

One other suggestion that may help, have a business card holder with your cards so they may take them, and a sign that says, “Catering courtesy of Tasteful Events.   People asked who provided and I did direct some to your website.

Just food for thought. 

As always, thank you very, very much.

I have also booked my son’s grad party for next summer at the Latta Rd Fireman’s field, I may be calling u…..

Do u do garbage plates?

Janine Sarkis

IT Project Coordinator & Executive Assistant to

Steve Gable, SVP & CIO

Frontier Communications Corp.

180 S. Clinton Avenue

Rochester, N.Y. 14646