Pit Bosses Mains & Sides


Outlaw’s pit boss is a true flavor bandit, hard at work smoking these favorites for your next Event. We have dedicated ourselves & honed this style to bring you and your guests our Best!

 Choice of one entrée / two sides: (start @) $11.95**
Choice of two entrees / three sides: (start @) $16.95**

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Breads included w/ price

You may add Entrees and Sides. Just ask, we’ll happily design a menu!

Recipes below may indicate a selected wood choice…We’re open to any flavor!
“Outlaw” specialized woods available:
Applewood, Hickory, Cherry, Mesquite or Maple.
Other woods, please inquire!

PULLED PORK: A pit boss classic! Pork Shoulder that is dry rubbed w/ our Outlaw seasonings & then apple wood smoked slow, slow & slow. Did we say, slow? Hand pulled old school style and ready to serve!

PULLED CHICKEN: Whole smoked roasters we let go “low and slow” for hours. When ready… Right off the bone goodness! Any of our awesome sauces will certainly make this your exceptional choice…

BRISKET: All mesquite here folks! Rubbed up all good. We just watch it as it goes for over 12 hours, as we enjoy those smells. Always achieves that beautiful smoke ring look…So, so tender…We hand slice it for you!

ST “LOUIE” RIBS: Not as small as baby backs but as flavorful any spare rib gets. These hickory smoked bandit bad boys are “meaty” and melt right off the bone after the pit boss is finished…We serve’m all cut up for you…

OUTLAW CHICKEN: Broiler style! Not to be overlooked here…These fresh, quartered chickens are liberally rubbed w/ our specialty Outlaw spices and then smoked to a flawless tasty, tasty finish! Try a nice sauce here!

TURKEY BREAST: Free? No! Free range? You bet! Chef takes special care with this preparation. We all know turkey can be fickle, not here! Tenderly smoked for that perfectly moist taste. Slices beautifully or hand pulls perfectly!

PORK LOIN:  A nice lean cut of pork smoked very slow!  Lots of dry rub love here. This pork bandit is a true outlaw and is a favorite for any “pork lover” So juicy and sliced your way! You can’t go wrong with this one…

SMOKED PRIME RIB: A meaty Angus cut of boneless rib that is Outlaw rubbed and subtly smoke to tender perfection. If you’ve never had your rib cooked in this fashion, NOW is your time!

FAMOUS OUTLAW BABY BACKS: Here at Outlaw BBQue, we procure the finest ribs available. Our style is simple! We dry rub them and smoke’em to lock in those great flavors. We then braise the ribs to an award winning “fall of the bone” finish!


Outlaw BBQue has perfected our condiments to be served with any, none or ALL!!

OUTLAW (Classic BBQ)
SWEET & SOUR (Tangy)
TEXAS MOP (Vinegar & Herb)
CAROLINA STYLE (Vinegar & Mustard)

Choose any two at no charge. Additional sauces at $.75 per person



Tomato and Cucumber over Romaine / Strawberry Feta & Field Greens / Garden Salad w/ Smoked Onions and Tomatoes


Outlaw Mac-n 5 Cheeses / The “Bandits” Baked Beans

Potato Bacon and Cheese Casserole / Smashed Potatoes

Kosher “Salt” Potatoes / Roasted Potatoes

Veggie Kebobs / Corn Cobs in Garlic Parm Butter

Fire Roasted Apples / Mixed Veggie Grill

Grilled Green Beans in Brown Butter

Dirty Rice “Outlaw Style”

BBQ Green Bean Casserole

Outlaw’s Loaded Potato Wedges


Tri Color Cole Slaw / Country Potato Salad

Outlaw Macaroni Salad / Antipasto Pasta Spirals

Bow Tie Pasta w/ Broccoli Slaw / Fresh Fruits of the Season

Grilled & “chilled” Veggies / Fresh Watermelon



(Included with your meal)
Choice of Two

Grilled Garlic & Rosemary Bread /Artisan Rolls

Soft Rolls / Crusty Rolls / Traditional Corn Bread

Country Biscuits

Our Specialty Corn Breads…Have them your way!

Jalapeno, Sundried Tomato, Honey Glazed & Craisinl

(Choice of two)
$1.95 per person

ALL Selections are available…Please Inquire!


Includes all disposable dishware and serving pieces
25-person minimum (M-THURS) / 40-person minimum (weekends)
Upgrade service available (ask for details)
Delivery charges may apply

*Applicable catering service charges & sales tax