It Turned Out Beautifully...

5.0 rating
June 12, 2018

Everything was great! It turned out beautifully, the food was delicious, everyone loved it, people are still talking about it, so thank you very much!! Kathy was a pleasure to work with, thanks for recommending her. She made sure I ate, and got to try everything, she got me a drink anytime I didn’t have one. She was wonderful.
Thank you again so much for everything Kevin, we are very happy with how it all turned out.

Brit & Joe

Best Food Event...

5.0 rating
May 4, 2018

Very good buzz and feedback on the floor. A couple of folks have said this has been the best food event we have ever had. Thank you.

Kevin Cekuta, Customer Service Supervisor - GORBEL

Best Food Ever...

5.0 rating
May 2, 2018

Seriously the best food ever. Restaurant quality catering is rare but Kevin has cracked the code.

Melanie Gallagher Berl

Everything was delicious...

4.0 rating
May 2, 2018

Everything was delicious, as always! 🙂

Kelly Horgan

RAVE Reviews

5.0 rating
May 2, 2018

As before, RAVE reviews on the food. Especially the chicken. That was a huge hit.
Thank you soooooooo much. It’s greatly appreciated.

Melissa Logan