Here at Tasteful Events, our goal is to deliciously live up to ALL of our guests catering expectations. Normally, we ask people to read over our 1,000+ excellent reviews here to make their choice:


99% of the time, clients comfortably realize that they have definitely chosen the right caterer for their next event. That being said, some potential customers ask if we do tasting’s?

Well, the answer is yes and no?!

We do not offer tastings to folks that are still making decisions for their catering. It’s just not economical for us.
Our tasting policy is: if you are a booked and deposited client, a tasting is possible.

What qualifies for a tasting?

$25.00 per person food “only” budget.

100 guest minimum!

Selected choice of menu items.
Four person maximum for tasting.

There is NO charge for agreed upon tastings!!

Tasteful Events is happy to offer this service to you…

Please inquire!